BEE (bamboleo) wrote in sincityrequests,

two banners

I don't know what you might want to do with them! I made one for la_belle_ange and one for myself and thought I would share.

with the Gail and Dwight quote... which I think also nicely applies to Nancy and Hartigan!

and this is mine, with my favorite quote from the movie... which goes like this...

"Eight years. Why do you think I kept writing you those letters? It wasn't just gratitude. I tried to fall in love with boys. I even thought I did, once or twice. But I was already in love-- with you."

(thank you to whoever posted anonymously with that quote!!!)

also... Nancy and Hartigan mood theme to come soon! There's got to be a few more fans of those two characters out there :) Now that I've found a million pictures to work with, any Nancy/Hartigan requests? :)
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These are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!
my sn is better! lol jay kay yours is hott


May 7 2005, 04:27:00 UTC 11 years ago

No problem, babydoll! ;)
Lovely graphix!
i really loved the first banner.. mind if i take it? i will credit =)
you can definitely use it! :) :) I hoped other people would like it and want it if I posted it up :)
very nice! i love the way you placed the smaller picture of them kissing. the way it fades makes it paralell with the motion of nancy's hair, it worked really well.