Dina (dina_the_btch) wrote in sincityrequests,


I was looking for an animated Icon...

I wish I had screen caps but hopefully I explain it easy enough, or if someone could direct me to good screen caps.

First shot is of Hartigan when he first see's Nancy in the bar, with that look of love in his eyes
Second shot is of Nancy when she is dancing when Hartigan comes in, but with the face she gets when she see's him, that hopefull sad look.
Third shot is of her running up to him and then kissing him
Fourth shot, black background, red letters, It has always been you. All these years...

And then maybe a friends only banner of Miho in the shot of her standing with both blades out and red blood spattered everywhere
Red letters.... Just try and enter
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did anyone make you this icon? if they did, can i have it too?
Nothing yet, your the first person to get back to me on this lol