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fo banner

I made a friend's only banner:

Image hosted by

feel free to resize.
but please credit me. thanks.
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Not taking it, but its a good one :)
thank you. :)
im taking! that's my favorite part of the movie. just look at the icon!
What a coincidence! :)

Are a fan of Josh? I think he's fab in that scene! :)
im not a huge fan of him. i respect him, and dont have anything against him, but he just dosnt do anything for me; not that i dont think he's a great actor. he was great in this scene, im hoping they bring him back for the sequels! considering the part at the end was just added for the movie, i dont see why they wouldnt open and close the movies with his other...uh....commisions! i would settle for that character to just be lurking in the back round or something, i just want him in to to tie everything together.
lol, glad you liked it. :)
That is one fab banner! :)

I'm not taking it but it's going in my memories anyway! :)

Keep up the good work! :)
haha, I feel special now. :)
thank you very much.
taking it! love it, thanks! <3 <3
I have been looking all over fo a still of this shot, so could you by any chance tell me where you got it, I would really appreciate.
Also if my journal was friends only (which I am contemplating doing) and i used somenelses graphic i would probably do this.
couldn't you give me please the original variant of the picture?
I'd like to write "Most entires for friends"... :)